Vintage Handmade Journal Archive

Vintage Handmade Journal Archive

This Vintage Handmade Journal Archive is crying out to be filled with your ideas, observations and to-do lists. It includes all the characteristic features of the legendary notebook: rounded corners, ivory-colored pages, vintage leather closure for privacy and to never lose track of where you are. Sturdy hand stitched binding for versatility. 

Cover Material: Premium Soft Supple Thick Genuine Leather
Pages: 150 pages of Antique Paper (Refillable)


Customer Reviews

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Not exactly what I expected but lovely

The leather is super well broken in but still very sturdy. The book has a distinct and very pleasant odour that I doubt will last long as its already less than it was when I opened it yesterday. The pages are thick and an interesting texture, I've shown it to friends and alternately been told it reminded them of "processed paper bags" and "It feels like thick flower petals" either way they are thick and seem like they will be a joy to write on. The only issue I had is that the pages are orange. I thought, from the photos and from buying other distressed/aged journals in the past, that they would be brown/tan. I don't know what to think about the orange. It's a little off-putting honestly. But not enough to effect how much I love the product. The company really seems to care about quality and customer satisfaction. I 1000% recommend them.

Amazing PURCHASE!! X 2

Amazing quality all around.This is one of very few companies that offer vintage journals with paper/pages of that quality. I was surprised to see this quality product for just $40-$50. I was expecting to pay at least X2 that. One of the rare times... where I was pleasantly surprised to pay that amount for such high quality product. Will definitely buy again and again. Item was delivered and in my hands in 2 days. I WAS SO IMPRESSED WITH IT... I BOUGHT ANOTHER ONE THE NEXT DAY...DIFFERENT STYLE COVER BUT SAME HIGH QUALITY LEATHER AND PAPER.Thank you!!!Please continue producing such wonderful and almost one of a kind product.

Quality product! Will buy a second

Since I don't have a good memory so I have recently started writing down notes when I smoke cigars and drink liquors so I can remember flavors, fragrances, and textures.This book/ journal has a thick leather fold about the same quality of some 2-$300 worn in work boot. Not the smell of a stinky foot but of worn in leather hich its quite nice.The leather backing used to hold the pages in are a little on the thin side but another leather strap can fix that if it comes to fail. The lashing used to keep the book closed seems to be of the same leather as the backing which should last some time.The pages are thick almost soft cardboard like and look very old, yet are still quite robust.This book has the feeling of being handed down from generations and finally layed in your lap so you too can know the wonders of your elders.Something not often noticed about books is the smell. This book smells of a new leather jacket ready for an adventure. When you open the book the pages fill your nostrils with the thoughts of a mom and pop shop working from sun up to sun down on leather saddles, books, and gun, holsters.All in all I am going to buy another because I am so impressed. Everytime I open or touch this book its an experience and I love it!


My new leather journal Just arrived. It�s wonderful and I�m so glad I ordered it. The leather is so soft, the craftsmanship is beautiful and the paper...the paper seems thick enough for my watercolor floral illustrations, they are deckled and stained for a lovely vintage look and feel. It�s definitely worth the price.Here�s a little edit to my first review. I have been using this journal for the past few days and I am even more in love with it. It takes watercolor like a dream - I�m going to get 2 more because it is something that feels so personal - maybe it�s the leather, so soft, or the paper - I don�t know but it�s really so special.

Just perfect

This book feels and looks beautifully "weathered" I love the scent of leather and paper. The tooth on the paper is perfect for pen or pencil, and the paper is sturdy enough to stand up to erasing, without looking "erased." I absolutely love the unfinished edges!! I will be purchasing more as this one fills up.