Titanium Mood Rings

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These Heartbeat rings will change color to reflect the energy its wearer is projecting and will change throughout the day as your mood and temperature change! It works as a couple's ring as well. Get one for yourself and your soulmate! What color will your Mood Ring be?

People often struggle to name their emotions, are torn by conflicting feelings, or conceal their true state of mind. The Mood Ring may help people manage their emotions better, identify mixed emotions or even reveal hidden feelings.

Blue -  Normal, Optimistic, Accepting, Calm, Peaceful, Pleasant

Black - Fear, Nothing, Angst, Serious, Overworked, Stormy, Depressed, Intense

Yellow - Anxious, Cool, Cautious, Distracted, Mellow, So-So

Orange - Stressed, Nervous, Mixed, Confused, Upset, Challenged, Indignant

Green-Peridot - Mixed Emotions, Restless, Irritated, Distressed, Worried, Hopeful

Green-Light Green - Normal, Alert, No Great Stress, Sensitive, Jealous, Envious, Guarded

Blue-Green - Upbeat, Pleased, Somewhat Relaxed, Motivated, Flirtatious

Indigo-Darker Blue Deeply Relaxed, Happy, Lovestruck, Bliss, Giving

Violet-Burgandy - Love, Romance, Amorous, Heat, Mischievous, Moody, Dreamer, Sensual

Pink - Very Happy, Warm, Affectionate, Loving, Infatuated, Curious 


Inner diameter 
Size 6 = 16mm 
Size 7 = 17mm 
Size 8 = 18mm 
Size 9 = 19mm 
Size 10 = 20mm

Material: Acrylic
Metals Type:  Titanium
Surface Width: 6mm, 4mm 

Sizes 11 & 12 available ONLY in BLACK

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Titanium Mood Rings

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Titanium Mood Rings

Titanium Mood Rings