Pexel™ Enhanced Mobile Device Lenses

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Pexel™ Enhanced Mobile Device Lenses
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Inspired by high tech surveillance technology used by military drones. Shoot stunning photos of people, pets, travel scenery, landscapes, architecture, selfies and more. Capture sharp, Hi-Definition images on the go so you'll never miss another perfect photo moment. These universal lenses are compatible with any smartphone or device.
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Customer Reviews

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Much better!!

I absolutely love it. I was VERY skeptical after first trying a different brand but this purchase does not disappoint. It does exactly what it's supposed to do so I won't bore you with the obvious, but what is most important to me I'd that it does it WITHOUT degrading the quality of your photos. No cropping out corners or distorted wide angle shots. Just awesome with both the macro and the wide-angle options. I think I saw a lot of complaints that the kit does not fit in the case included. Not so! You just leave the lenses assembled together and every thing fits and then some! I included pics of the kit as well as samples of the lense functions. For anyone complaining the macro lens is blurry, it's supposed to be! You need to be very close to your subject to gain focus, it's not a zoom lens after all. I recommend this kit to anyone in the market for one. One more thing I used the included light (hello bonus!) to take pictures of the kit in low lighting. The light was on the lowest setting and more than ample! I also live how HANDHELD it is unlike those stupid selfie rings that work best if you hold the light yourself. This kit also came with a cleaning cloth and a nifty little USB card that loads the how to video right away on your phone. It doesn't get any better than this. Again, great purchase! I have an iPhone 7 for what it's worth!

Great value and quality lenses

Was going back and forth trying to decide if I should buy this lens kit or a different highly rated one listed on here. I was sold on the Pexel when I compared the customer images for other lens kits and this one. I bought this for an upcoming vacation and I think this will work wonderfully. The carrying kit fits easily into my carry-on bag and the lenses themselves were intuitive and user-friendly. I appreciated the free video tutorials that came with it too.

As you can see, so far I've used the macro to take very important images.

Take close-up pictures of trichromes!

Just received my Pexel lens this morning. I already love it!

I bought this macro lens specifically for taking close-up pictures of trichromes. If you know what those are then you're going to freak out when you see the photos and immediately order one of these!

If you don't, then you're going to be saying, what the HECK is this guy talking about and you'll probably Google "trichromes", and immediately know what I'm talking about!

Be sure to like this post so that it bubbles to the top and other folks with "similar interests" get the message.

You'll see in the pictures attached. I took one picture of a flower. I don't really know what the magnification is but the lens does a good job. I then moved in millimeters from the surface of the flower and zoomed in a bit digitally as well to get the second picture.

This lens solves the problem of when it's time to harvest in the easiest way and gives you a nice photo record.

It is very well constructed, heavy-duty. I can't believe that they can make this thing for $35.

Do yourself a favor and if you plan to use this for macro photography, especially in the way that I did, you will not have a hand that is steady enough. You need to purchase a cell phone tripod of some sort. There are many of these on Amazon and the same company that sells this lens also makes one although I'm not using the one they sell.

I LOVE my lens

I LOVE my lens. I take it whenever I travel and it captures the 'moments' much better than a traditional camera. Besides being an awesome lens, the customer service goes above and beyond! They helped me replace the back clip portion when I accidentally broke it backpacking. You won't regret buying this lens!

Definitely recommend

So easy to use with excellent results. I'm using on my iPhone 7 plus- no damage to the glass screen protector which I experienced with a different brand. Comes with a sturdy portable case and lens protectors.