StretchN'Fit™ Reusable Silicone EcoLids (6pcs)

StretchN'Fit™ Reusable Silicone EcoLids (6pcs)
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Save the earth and eliminate plastic wrap from our environment and reaching our oceans! With these reusable container lids, you’ll never need plastic wraps for storing food again!

How It Helps

An average family uses 2-4 sheets of plastic cling wrap per meal in the United States. That's a whopping 700+ million sheets of plastic cling wrap per day nationwide! By joining the zero-waste movement you are helping reduce the amount of plastics used, which will help save the planet. 

Get your Zero-Waste Container Lids and eliminate daily plastic waste!

The Facts Behind Plastic

Plastic never fully decomposes even after a 1,000 years. 

You can make a HUGE difference in such an easy way by eliminating your daily usage of plastic wrap.

Since the 1950s, around 8.3 billion tonsof plastic have been produced worldwide. Only 9% have been properly recycled.

Microplastics seep into our water filtration system and into our drinking water. The average person consumes 70,000 microplastics each year and that number is increasing year over year!

45% of the fish in the ocean have microplastics in their body. At the rate we're going there will be more plastic than fish in the Ocean by 2045!

Are you ready to join the Zero-waste Movement? 


With 6 sizes of highly-stretchable silicone lids, you can seal anything from an avocado to a watermelon. EcoLids can stretch over 2x its original size, sealing any and all containers, no matter how odd the shape. Its 100% airtight seal means you can store you favourite juices, soups and broths securely.


Made from high quality food grade silicone, EcoLids are non-toxic, BPA and BPS free.


Need to microwave a broth for dinner, freeze some popsicles for the kids and clean all the lids in a pinch? EcoLids has got you covered.


Wash it in a dishwasher or by hand, EcoLids smooth silicone surface makes cleaning up a breeze. You can also stack EcoLid dishes on top of each other in the fridge to save space!


Stretch it, Freeze it, Heat it. Our EcoLids are made to last. Not only do you save money on clingfilm, you help save our environment.


Click "Add to Cart" and do your part to save planet earth!

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