XLITE100 Smart Tail Light

With Saddle Bracket
With Seatpost Holder
XLITE100 Smart Tail Light
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XLITE100 Smart Tail Light

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"Maybe the best light on the market ★ ★ ★ ★ ★" - Chase, NYC

“Over the years i've had many different lights and this RideMax Light is simple the best one I've had. Super battery life and tremendous amount of light power.” - Trevor, Toronto

Every year 3,930 people die in bicycle accidents with majority of them occurring at night. That's why we made the XLite100 Smart Tail, mighty in strength with built in gyroscope and accelerometer sensor that will light up when you hit the brakes. They are a must-have for casual or serious cyclists alike. Each weather-proof piece attaches securely to your bike on even the bumpiest of streets.

Key Features:

✔ Bright Red LED Lights, can be seen from 200m but not glaring

✔ Brake Induction, brake lights lights up when brakes engaged for added safety 

✔ Built-in Gyroscope and Accelerometer

✔ Automatically shuts off after 60 secs of No Movement

✔ Automatic shuts of after 30 secs exposed in a High Light Intensive Environment

✔ Super lightweight, Made of Aircraft Aluminium

✔ Waterproof & Highly Durable

✔ Up to 40 hours on a single charge

✔ USB Rechargeable (micro USB included)

✔ Easy to install

Smart Tail Light

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XLITE100 Smart Tail Light

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