H2O Infusion™️ Bottle

H2O Infusion™️ Bottle
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With Fruit Infusion Bottle you’ll be inspired to drink more water - the easiest way to stay slim, healthy and energize! Create an added benefit of a cleansing detax for your body as well as delivering vital nutrients for optimum health. Stop drinking artificial sweeteners and start drinking healthy water with all natural and beneficial flavors, vitamins and minerals added! 


  • THIS IS A MUST HAVE!For the gym, sport, running yoga, hiking, camping & travelling
  • Think of all the money you’ll save! No more buying expensive bottled water, sports drinks, soda or “vitamin” flavored water, which are full of refined sugars and empty calories
  • Important and essential health item with 650 ml capacity was made to keep you hydrated while you work-out, when you’re at the office, in your home or even in your car
  • Dozens of recipes for different needs - choose yours! You have limitless combinations of fresh fruit juices, teas and herbs on the go while providing a great alternative to plain water or other sugar drinks

Make your favorite infused water and enjoy a deliciously flavored beverage without artificial colors. Spice up your water in seconds: just toss in your fruit, squeeze and you’re ready to drink!

H2O Infusion Bottle

You don’t need to buy plastic bottle every time you need to have your normal portion of hydration! Plastic bottles are harmful not just for the planet, but for your health. Having your own BPA-FREE refillable Fruit Infusion, you save the environment as well as your health and well-being!

H2O Infusion Bottle

Capacity: 22 oz (650 ml)

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